‘A lot of fatigue around marijuana’: Gov. Kevin Stitt weighs in on pot in Oklahoma [Video]

State Agriculture News

OKLAHOMA CITY (KOKH) — Gov. Kevin Stitt, R-Okla., is speaking out for the first time about why recreational marijuana was voted down on Tuesday.

Since an overwhelming majority voted no on State Question 820, he’s now got ambitions to crack down more on medical marijuana.

As I was traveling the state, I knew Oklahomans didn’t want it,” Stitt said. “They were so tired of a dispensary on every single corner.

Medical marijuana has been a big business for the state for nearly five years now. However, the rapid rise of marijuana growers and dispensers across the state has caused headaches for other members of the agricultural community, as well as law enforcement.

According to 2021 reportingby The Denver Post, licenses for medical marijuana business licenses (at the time) cost around $2,500 in Oklahoma, a third of what they were in Colorado, a quarter of the cost of setting up shop in New York and a significant lower hurdle than the $100,000 fee in neighboring …

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