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Article: Is Anyone Listening? | OpEd News [Video]

A lie keeps growing and growing until it’s as plain as the nose on your face.” – The Blue Fairy (Disney’s Pinocchio)

The LAUSD Board meets monthly in a closed session to discuss items California law allows to be shielded from public oversight. Calling it a “Personnel” matter, the evaluation of Superintendent Carvalho is included in the points of discussion that occur without the prying eyes of constituents affected by his performance.

In the month since his last evaluation, news has broken that contrary to Carvalho’s past statements, extremely personal information about students with Special Education needs was released to the Dark Web as a result of the September 2022, hack of the District’s computers. I addressed the Superintendent’s unwillingness to be transparent with the extent of the damage caused by the infiltration by Russian hackers in my comment before the session was closed to the public:

It has now been half a year since Superintendent Carvalho admitted that hackers had infiltrated the …

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