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Defective: Baby product industry insiders questioned over involvement with setting own safety standards [Video]

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(InvestigateTV) — With the sting of the now-banned Fisher-Price Rock ‘N Play still fresh, parents, consumer advocates, pediatricians and others are sounding alarms about another baby product named in death reports: weighted infant sleepwear.

At least eight babies have died while wearing these weighted sleepers, swaddles and sleep sacks, according to an InvestigateTV analysis of U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission data and documents.

Critics charge that a non-governmental committee that is tasked by CPSC law to create voluntary design and safety standards for baby sleepwear is fraught with potential conflicts of interest and accountability issues.

They also say that the committee, largely run by industry insiders, is dismissing injury and death reports from the CPSC as the fault of other factors and not the weighted products that they sell. The CPSC is aware of “multiple deaths,” according to Commissioner Richard J. Trumka Jr. But the agency refuses to make public the …

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