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Why Canada needs more than diplomacy
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Deporting Ukrainian children to Russia is a war crime, says UN [Video]

National Energy News

Russian troops forcibly taking Ukrainian children to Russia amounts to a war crime, according to investigators. 

There is evidence of human rights abuses surrounding the deportation of more than 16,000 Ukrainian children to Russia, the United Nations’ Commission of Inquiry on Ukraine said in a recent report.

The report categorically stated the forced taking of children does ‘violate international humanitarian law’.

It highlighted other war crimes including attacks on civilians and energy-related infrastructures, as well as unlawful confinement, torture, rape and other sexual violence. 

The report also notes Moscow’s policy of granting citizenship to Ukrainian children – and placing them in foster families – has created ‘a framework in which some of the children may end up remaining permanently’ in Russia.

In some cases, children have been forced to wear dirty clothes while being transferred, as well as being screamed at and called names.

Those with learning and behavioural difficulties were also found not to have received adequate care and medication.

Parents and children say they …

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