Fertilizer concerns unprecedented in agriculture [Video]

State Agriculture News

Fertilizer has been one of the hottest topics in agriculture over the past couple of years as prices and availability have ebbed and flowed, making it a busy time for those in the industry.

“The last 12 to 18 months have really been completely unprecedented in the number of questions we are getting about fertilizers, especially from outside of the sector,” said Laura Cross with the International Fertilizer Institute. “There has been a huge amount of volatility and uncertainty in these markets.”

Cross said the “significant” period of price inflation led to some of the volatility, but also a few recent developments contributed. The rise in crop market prices has led to increased demand for fertilizer, and global events play a role.

“Fertilizer markets sit directly between the energy markets and the food markets,” Cross said. “That means there is quite a lot of opportunity for disruption as we have …

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