First group of students trained in psilocybin therapy graduate from training [Video]

National Health News

DAMASCUS, Ore. (KATU) — Just over 100 Oregonians completed the state’s first program for psilocybin facilitator training after voters legalized the fungal medical treatment in 2020.

“It’s a special day,” said Tom Eckert, program director of InnerTrek, which is licensed to perform the training.

These medicines have been suppressed or repressed in our culture for a long time,” Eckert said. “They can allow us to reexamine and reshape how we approach mental health and wellness more generally, and Oregon is taking the lead.

Each graduate must complete a final test at InnerTrek and an exam by the Oregon Health Authority before becoming a licensed psilocybin therapy facilitator. Each graduate plans to take the OHA exam this weekend, according to InnerTrek.

Once licensed, the cohort will be authorized to administer treatments of psilocybin, also called magic mushrooms, to patients.

The students were toldthat a dosing session at a licensed center should include a couch or mats for clients to sit or lie …

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