Flyers containing hate speech left in driveways in Oregon City [Video]

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The flyers contained homophobic statements and overt references to white supremacy, according to the city. Oregon City police called it a bias incident.

OREGON CITY, Ore. — Police are investigating after a series of flyers containing hate speech were left in driveways and yards in three Oregon City neighborhoods over the weekend, coinciding with a so-called “National Day of Hate” prompted by neo-Nazi groups online.

One of the targeted neighborhoods is tucked off Molalla Avenue, near a middle school.

“It’s not funny and whoever’s doing this should be ashamed of themselves,” said one neighbor who found one of the flyers on his front yard. “I pick it up and I saw all the three K’s and the white power.”

The Oregon City Police department has canvassed the neighborhoods where the flyers were reported and forwarded its police report to the Oregon Department of Justice as a bias incident, according to a news …

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