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Foot Print Farms CEO named USA TODAY Women of the Year honoree [Video]

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Cindy Ayers Elliott is one of USA Today’s Women of the Year, a recognition of women across the country who have made a significant impact. The program launched in 2022 as a continuation of Women of the Century, a 2020 project that commemorated the 100th anniversary of women gaining the right to vote. Meet this year’s honorees at womenoftheyear.usatoday.com.

The red-bottom shoes are gone.

The iconic Christian Louboutin designer heels aren’t quite farm-appropriate.

The dusty boots with the sunflower print on them are now in place as Cindy Ayers Elliott walks through some of the most fertile soil in the world on 68 acres in Hinds County.

Her goal, through Foot Print Farms, is to provide healthy food options and educate Mississippians on how to better feed themselves as well as how to provide for themselves through urban agriculture.

There are specialty crops, vegetables, and livestock farm, with a focus on …

Supporting Ukraine isn
Supporting Ukraine isn't charity, it's self-interest...