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Georgia lawmaker stirs controversy trying to highlight issues with school choice bill [Video]

National Education News

ATLANTA (TND) — Critics have been attacking a Georgia lawmaker since Monday, when she suggested that parents who did not finish high school are not qualified to make decisions about their children’s education.

State Rep. Lydia Glaize, D-District 67, made the remarks — which have offended conservative activists and school choice advocates — during a House Education Subcommittee on Policy hearing Monday as she questioned state Sen. Greg Dolezal, R-District 27, over “The Georgia Promise Scholarship Act.”

Dolezal is one of the main sponsors of the piece legislation, which seeks to create an annual “promise scholarship” of $6,500 — which was determined to be the average amount per year the state spends on each public school student — for parents to use to send their kids to private or religious schools. The students only qualify if they are attending a state school that ranks in the bottom 25% of school performance in the state on top of not being enrolled in …

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