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How to beat spring allergies [Video]

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Pollen seasons start 20 days earlier, are 10 days longer and have 21% more pollen than in 1990, according to the USDA.

OREGON, Ohio — Spring is here, which means the arrival of seasonal allergies.

This time of year is considered early spring and some trees — specifically oak, maple, birch and sycamore — might be causing those with allergies trouble. They don’t have big showy flowers but they still release pollen.

“Some of the environmental control measures we recommend is keeping the windows closed and using your heat or air conditioner instead of leaving the windows open,” Dr. Avi Dorrow, an allergist with ProMedica, said.

Another simple preventative measure is to change your clothes after being outside. Dorrow said if your kids are playing in the grass or you’re doing yard work, a fresh set of clothes afterward can help alleviate allergy issues.

“These things that we’re talking about, …

Peter Menzies on Bill C-18: Senate Committee Testimony title=
Peter Menzies on Bill C-18: Senate Committee Testimony