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Israel Needs US Ambassador, but GOP Bridles at Biden Nominee’s Iran Record [Video]

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The Senate returns this week following a week-long state work period, its first time in session since the attack on Israel. Among the upper chamber’s top priorities will be advancing President Joe Biden‘s pick for ambassador to Israel, Jack Lew, whose nomination hearing will take place on Wednesday.

Lew, who served as White House chief of staff and then later as secretary of the Treasury under former President Barack Obama boasts years of government experience dating back to the Clinton administration. However, that experience could come back to harm his chances for a speedy approval of his nomination.

Republican Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas accused Lew of being an “Iran sympathizer who has no business being our ambassador” during an appearance on Fox News Sunday.

“I know Democratsare saying that we need to confirm Jack Lew quickly to show our support for Israel,” Cotton said. “I would say it’s the exact …

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