Journalist mocked for saying there were no jails, homelessness or anti-gay laws ‘before white people came’ [Video]

National Health News

WASHINGTON (TND) — Critics on Twitter are fiercely mocking a social media post from NBC News contributing journalist Simon Moya-Smith.

Moya-Smith, 39, is said to be an “Oglala Lakota writer and journalist,” according to the National Press Foundation. He has reportedly contributed to NBC News, VICE, New York Magazine and other outlets. He is also a lecturer at the University of Colorado Denver.

On Friday, Moya-Smith claimed in a tweet that it was “white people” who introduced several perceived ailments to America when they arrived.

Before white people came to this land, there were no jails, no homelessness, no laws against homosexuality or abortion,” Moya-Smith said in his tweet.

For thousands of years, Indigenous peoples emphasized health, housing, freedom to love who you love and the fact that we need Mother Earth,” Moya-Smith added. “She doesn’t need us.”

Critics were quick to push backagainst Moya-Smith’s claims. The journalist’s tweet, while receiving over five million views over the weekend, …

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