Kombucha found alongside drug-laced beer in mega haul [Video]

National Crime News

A shipment of kombucha bottles is among pallets of drug-laced beer cans seized by police in a raid where officers have so-far identified 328kgs of methamphetamine.

Over a dozen armed police officers swarmed a warehouse on Ryan Pl in Manukau on March 16.

They located and seized multiple pallets of Honey Bear House beer cans potentially laced with methamphetamine. Police this afternoon said they have so far recovered 328kg of methamphetamine concealed in the shipment of beer, with authorities expecting that figure to increase.

The more than quarter tonne of meth has been recovered in crystalised form from the industrial address, police said. Analysis is continuing into meth in liquid form that was recovered at the same time.

Police confirmed to the Herald alongside these they found a consignment of Kombucha bottles.

“From our inquiries to date there is nothing to indicate that these bottles have been distributed further,” a police spokesperson said.

Police seized a number of pallets containing Honey Bear House Beer …

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