Why Canada needs more than diplomacy title=
Why Canada needs more than diplomacy
And now, the news: A national news media policy for Canada

LA Times Today: Curious about the motorcycle club wearing turbans? They want to talk with you [Video]

National Crime News

In 2019, L.A. Times national correspondent Jaweed Kaleem took you on a journey with a Sikh truck driver — one of an estimated tens of thousands who trace their heritage to India and keep our supply lines functioning as American born truckers decline in numbers.

But Sikhs — members of a monotheistic faith, meaning they believe in only one god — are too often targets of hate crimes because of their turbans, skin color or beards.

After the murders of Sikhs escalated after 9/11 and spiked again during the Trump administration, the Sikh community wanted to draw attention to the violence and promote understanding of their peace loving religion by traveling the country on motorcycles. Ruben Vives went along for the ride.

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