Defend or defund? The future of the CBC title=
Defend or defund? The future of the CBC
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Ministry Pledges to Embrace use of Data in tackling education Challenges Nigeria News [Video]

National Education News

The ministry of Education says it is partnering stakeholders in dealing with the data challenges in the sector, as part of a strategy to tackle the many educational challenges in the country.

The educational system in Nigeria has been in a downward decline with each passing decade.

Nigeria is in a constant struggle to meet the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal number four on education.

Poor quality of teaching and the inadequate funding of schools at all levels have been identified as gators mainly responsible for the decline in standards.

Millions of children are still out of school and those in school are not exposed to the minimum teaching standards.

There have been several interventions from both government and donors, but it appears these have not trickled down to the grassroots due to inadequate data for appropriate planning.

Here at this national dialogue on education in Nigeria, the ministry of …

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