Napping hacks: A sleep expert offers 3 tips to elevate your naps [Video]

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After a rough, sleepless night or long, exhausting day, nothing feels quite as good as a nap.

But with contradictory information online about whether napping is good or bad for your health, we spoke to a sleep expert to get some insight on afternoon snoozes.

“Napping is complicated,” explains Dr. Erin Flynn-Evans, a consultant to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. “I’m sure everyone has seen headlines that ‘naps are good’ or ‘naps are bad.’ Both are true.”

That’s because napping can be problematic or a sign of an underlying issue.

“If you have symptoms of other conditions and you find yourself unable to get through the day and have to nap on a regular basis, it’s definitely worth reaching out to your doctor to find out if there’s something more going on,” she says.

If you’re generally a healthy sleeper, however, occasional napping is safe — and even beneficial in certain situations.

“There’s really nothing wrong with …

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