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Why Canada needs more than diplomacy
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Picket lines pop up as secondary teachers strike [Video]

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Prime Minister Chris Hipkins has expressed his “disappointment” about today’s secondary and area school teachers’ strike as picket lines start popping up outside schools around the country.

Secondary and area school teachers are striking again today, the second time in as many weeks, with one union saying “the future of secondary education is at stake”.

The Post Primary Teachers Association (PPTA) announced the latest action just eight days after a strike involving tens of thousands of teachers nationwide.

Speaking to Jono and Ben on The Hits this morning, Hipkins said he also wanted better pay and conditions for teachers.

“I would say to teachers, I’m disappointed they’re back on strike so soon when I would rather they were around the negotiating table trying to make some progress on these issues because, you know, I think yes, we do owe it to the kids, we do owe it to the parents …

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