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Police search for victim after large pool of blood is found on Pennsylvania street Action News Jax [Video]

SILVER SPRING TOWNSHIP, Pa. — A mystery has police searching for answers in Pennsylvania. A large pool of blood was found on the street, with no apparent victim of injury or crime to be found.

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The blood was first found near Cumberland Valley High School, covering an area of approximately 4 feet by 7 feet, WGAL reported. The blood was both on the road and in the grass.

“We have no signs that a crime was committed,” Silver Spring Township Police Department Chief Christopher Raubenstine said during a news conference, WHP reported. “I understand [neighbors’] concern, I’m concerned for not knowing. We all want to know what happened.”

Police told WGAL that they have checked nearby elder care facilities, hospitals and neighbors for anybody missing or unaccounted for with no success.

“This is clearly at least, at the minimum, a very serious injury involved. Somebody somewhere is the victim of that, not …

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