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Protesters receive citations outside Clearwater abortion clinic [Video]

The individuals violated the new ordinance that creates a 5-foot “buffer zone” from the clinic’s driveway, police said.

CLEARWATER, Fla. — Two protesters received citations following the recent passage of an ordinance to create a “buffer zone” outside of an abortion clinic in Clearwater, police said.

Police responded Saturday morning to protesters gathered outside of Bread and Roses Woman’s Health Center at the corner of South Highlands Avenue and Belleair Road. The two people who received citations were in violation of the new 5-foot buffer zone beyond the driveway’s edge. 

One of the two people who received the citation was arrested for refusing their signature, a spokesperson for the Clearwater Police Department said.

Back in February when the ordinance was recommended, Clearwater Police Chief Daniel Slaughter said the protest activities were creating an unsafe situation for passing cars that enter and leave the location.

Now that the ordinance is in effect, those who cross the boundary could face a $130 fine.

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