Putin ‘used 20 genocidal torture centres’ in Kherson in bid to crush Ukraines identity | World | News [Video]

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Ukraine: Rudik details ‘systematic war crimes’ found in Kherson

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Vladimir Putin’s built at least 20 “genocidal” torture centres in Ukraine’s Kherson region in a bid to destroy the country’s identity, with waterboarding and electric shocks commonplace, a disturbing new investigation has claimed. Barrister Wayne Jordash KC has warned there are almost certainly in the country yet to be discovered.

Evidence published by the pioneering Mobile Justice Team, supporting Ukraine’s Office of the Prosecutor General’s investigation into Russian war crimes, includes financial records directly linking the centres to the Russian state – and Putin himself.

The Mobile Justice Team was established by the international human rights law firm, Global Rights Compliance, in April 2022.

Mr Jordash, …

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