Trudeau, Ford to blame for Stellantis shakedown: Aaron Wudrick in the National Post

RBA interest rate pause considered; NSW election 2023 campaign enters final week; Oliver Schulz charged with war crime; AUKUS deal parliamentary committee rejected; Greens urged to back safeguard mechanism; 2023 IPCC report issues stark climate change warning [Video]

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Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has labelled the opposition as a childish outfit unable to act as a responsible alternative government.

During question time in Canberra, deputy Liberal leader Sussan Ley asked Albanese to cite the interest rate before the election last May, which has risen dramatically as the Reserve Bank works to tamp down rising prices.

Albanese responded by saying inflation was a global problem driven by the war in Ukraine and other factors out of the control of governments.

“The childishness of those opposite just shows, day after day, their incapacity to be a genuine alternative government for the country,” he said.

“Because, the fact is, the fact is, that inflation is a global phenomenon. That has led to an increase in costs … which began on [the opposition’s] watch.

“But [the opposition] has voted against every single measure that has been aimed at providing assistance.”

Ley responds …

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Panel Discussion: G7 Hiroshima Summit & Beyond