Report: Texas No. 1 in US for white supremacist propoganda [Video]

National Crime News

Incidents increased by 61% in Texas and 38% nationally last year, driven by what experts say is an increasing normalization of extremism in political discourse.

Texas led the nation in white supremacist propaganda incidents last year, according to a new report from the Anti-Defamation League.

All told, Texas accounted for 527 of the 6,750 incidents tallied by the ADL in 2022 — a 61% increase statewide and a 38% jump nationally since 2021. The total, which hit an all-time high last year, includes the distribution or display of antisemitic, racist or anti-LGBTQ stickers, banners, graffiti, posters and laser projections.

The rise corresponds with a wave of antisemitic and extremist violence that has steadily grown in recent years, driven by white supremacist groups and worldviews that have been increasingly popularized online and in conservative politics. Reported incidents of “explicitly antisemitic propaganda” more than doubled last year, according to the ADL.

The Texas-based extremist group Patriot Front was responsible for roughly 80% of …

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