Retail crime and youth offending support safe from PM’s cost of living cuts [Video]

National Crime News

Prime Minister Chris Hipkins’ aim to cut down the Government’s bloated work programme will not compromise efforts to reduce retail crime and youth offending, according to the new Police Minister.

Hipkins has ditched and delayed several of the Government’s policies and is refocusing his ministers’ priorities in order to address the high cost of living.

But freshly minted Police Minister Ginny Andersen is confident she will have the necessary tools to address retail crime and youth offending, which will be her priority areas.

“The Prime Minister has made it very clear to me that reducing retail crime and youth offending are priorities for this Government,” she told the Herald.

 “The two I’m really going to focus on between now and the election is retail crime and reducing youth offending, but I’ve still got a focus on organised crime and we’ve still got legislation coming through in that space.”

New Police Minister …

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