Seattle transit union calls for more protections for workers exposed to fentanyl smoke [Video]

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SEATTLE (KOMO) — The union that represents Seattle transit workers is advocating for stronger protections against drug use and smoke exposure on trains and buses.

Ken Price, the president of Amalgamated Transit Union Local 587, told KOMO News that workers are reporting an increase in issues with people smoking fentanyl on transit.

“It’s appalling that these drivers continue to have to go through this,” Price said. “They are fed up.”

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Price said the union wants QR codes to be placed on buses that allow riders and drivers to instantly report drug use on board. He added that the union supports an effort by Metro to partner with the University of Washington to study air quality on board bus coaches.

A KOMO report on Monday featured Metro bus driver Stevon Williams who said chronic exposure to fentanyl smoke was making him sick.

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