Stop punishing gifted students: War on merit, honors programs is hurting Black children, others [Video]

National Education News

Merit was never a dirty word for Blacks. Competing on merit empowered us to destroy racist stereotypes about our capabilities, shatter color barriers, and pioneer inventions that improved all Americans’ quality of life.

For example, do you know someone whose cataracts were removed by laser eye surgery? Thank Dr. Patricia Bath. This ophthalmologist pioneered laser eye surgery and advocated for preventive blindness, earning her the “ultimate reward” of restoring sight to the blind. 

Bath enjoyed many firsts, including being the first woman to chair an ophthalmology residency program in the United States. In 1986, she discovered a new device and less painful method to remove cataracts. Despite a colleague’s sexist denials of her breakthrough, Bath became the first Black female doctor to receive a medical patent for her treatment.

A merit-based programset Bath on a career path. In high school, she won a competitive research opportunity from the National Science Foundation at …

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