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Michael J. Webert column: Virginians need policies that help cut energy costs | Columnists [Video]

Inflation sat at a record high of 9.1% in June, and Americans still are struggling to keep up with rising energy costs. Virginians, in particular, are feeling the pain at

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House of Black Cat Magic – a black cat lounge and spiritual supply shop 03/22 by Desperate House Witches [Video]

Set to open in early May 2023, House of Black Cat Magic will feature the Black Cat Lounge, designed by none other than renowned cat style expert and best-selling author, Kate Benjamin of Hauspanther. The cat lounge will provide a space for visitors to commune with the resident cats who are looking for their furever home. Whether visitors are looking to adopt or just want to bask in some furry fun and energy, the Black Cat Lounge is guaranteed to reduce your stress! It will also be home to a cat-themed retail store catering to those seeking spiritual and Magical tools like books, candles, incense, as well as a small, cat reference library. House of Black Cat Magic is a woman-owned corporation that is a collaboration between Binx’s Home for Black Cats Executive Director, Hannah Soboleski, and Foster Coordinator Shari Comeau, and House of Black Cat Magic Senior Vice President, Star Bustamonte. Binx’s Home for Black Cats is a North Carolina nonprofit and federal 501(c)3 foster-based rescue in Asheville that is devoted to finding furever homes for black cats and kittens. Our Indiegogo campaign: Hannah Soboleski is the President of House of Black Cat Magic, Co., and the Executive Director of Binx’s Home for Black Cats and directs all day-to-day operations. Star Bustamonte is the Senior Vice President of House of Black Cat Magic, Co., News Editor for The Wild Hunt, co-host of The 4:15, and co-founder of Mystic South Conference.

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TikTok boss to deny China ties to US lawmakers [Video]

TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew will staunchly deny allegations by US lawmakers Thursday that the hugely popular video-sharing app had ever, or ever would, share data with the Chinese government. “TikTok has never shared, or received a request to share, US user data with the Chinese government.