Tensions escalate after Biden bans mining in Minnesota’s Iron Range [Video]

National Energy News

WASHINGTON (TND) — President Joe Biden has banned mining in Minnesota’s Iron Range, escalating tensions over where and how to get minerals crucial to his renewable energy proposals.

Republican Rep. Pete Stauber of Minnesota joined The National Desk’s Jan Jeffcoat Wednesday morning to discuss how the ban is affecting his state.

“We have 95% of the nation’s nickel, almost 90% of the cobalt reserves, over a third of the copper and other platinum group metals that can strategically help our nation secure our supply chain and Joe Biden banned mining in northeastern Minnesota, where those minerals are, purely for political reasons,” Stauber said.

Stauber says the president didn’t “follow the science, the truth or the facts” upon making the decision.

“Mining is our past our present and our future in northern Minnesota,” he said. “And we feel our future’s great. We have to have the political will to mine here in the United …

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