‘The noises are rodents in the wall’: Maryland man says builders responsible for mice [Video]

National Health News

WHITE PLAINS, Md. (WLA) — Imagine this: you buy your dream home built just for you, only to hear what you believe to be rodents walking inside your walls just a few months later. That is the nightmare Jeff Mason is living now.

Mason moved into a new construction townhouse in Maryland from the developer Lennar in June 2021. Months later, he heard noises in the walls of his bedroom, in the ceiling near the stairwell and in the walls of the hallway and guest bedroom.

“I was laying in bed, and I started hearing something,” Mason said. “My immediate thought: it had to be an animal. There was nothing else it could be.”

At that point, he called an exterminator.

They were able to confirm Mason’s worst fears, eventually providing him a quote of almost $7,000 to get the rodents out of his home.

The noises are rodents in the wall,” Mason said. “Orkin came out and confirmed it. …

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