TikTok filter concerns parents for how it ‘glamourizes’ kids [Video]

National Health News

SALT LAKE CITY (KUTV) — There’s a new TikTok filter that is causing a lot of buzz online.

It’s called the “bold glamour” filter and it instantly changes a person’s appearance to make them look “gorgeous.”

“It completely alters how your face actually looks in real life, which is kind of scary,” said Keely Prosser who tried the filter on Friday.

Prosser is a producer at KUTV and gave a practical demonstration of the filter’s effects for this report, as well as her reaction.

I think the point of it is to make yourself look quote unquote better, but I was honestly super scared at how I looked and I was glad I don’t actually look like that,” Prosser said.

There are already a plethora of filters that alter a person’s appearance, but the bold glamour filter uses machine learning to change the contour of someone’s face.

“When it gets too close to reality, I feel like it objectifies kids,” said JoAnne Brown.

Brown has a 21-year-old …

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