Tips to get better sleep before spring-ing forward next month [Video]

National Health News

SEATTLE (KOMO) — It may not feel like it right now, but it’s almost time to spring forward.

Daylight saving time begins Sunday March 12, 2023, and we’ll all set our clocks ahead one hour losing that precious hour of slumber.

Washington state lawmakers approved legislation in 2019 that would have allowed the state to shift to permanent daylight saving time and the U.S. senate approved a national shift in November – the Sunshine Protection Act – but the measure needs further action at the federal level. It has yet to be taken up by the House and is therefore far from landing on President Joe Biden’s desk for a signature.

That means for now, clocks need to change yet again. KOMO spoke with brain health expert, Dr. Marc Milstein, to discuss the impact of the time shifts on physical and mental health.

Milstein said sleep, in particular, is perhaps the greatest ally in the fight to preserve our brain and is crucial to our brain health.

Charles Burton on Bill C-34: Committee Testimony title=
Charles Burton on Bill C-34: Committee Testimony