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Top Mexican immigration official to be charged in fatal fire [Video]

State Government News

Prosecutors faced pressure not to stop the case at the five low-level officials, guards and a Venezuelan migrant already facing homicide charges.

MEXICO CITY, Mexico — Mexico’s immigration head will face criminal charges in a fire that killed 40 migrants in a detention center last month but President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said Wednesday that he will not dismiss the official known for his hard line on northbound migration.

Obrador’s decision to keep Francisco Garduño as head of the Mexican Immigration Institute appeared to conflict with the federal Attorney General’s Office announcement late Tuesday to charge Garduño in connection with the blaze.

That shows both some separation of powers in Mexico and the conundrum faced by the Mexican government. López Obrador and his administration are struggling with U.S. pressure to slow northbound migration while the international community calls on them to treat migrants humanely and safely.

Garduño, a lawyer and …

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