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Trump: Indictment, incitement 2024 candidate? | Media [Video]

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When former United States president Donal Trump posted news of his imminent indictment, it set off a wave of headlines. News coverage in the US was divided along standard partisan lines, and all of them were fodder for Trump’s 2024 campaign machine.

Contributors:Ankush Khardori – Former federal prosecutor; contributing editor, New York MagazineJon Allsop – JournalistJohn Nichols – Co-Author, The Death and Life of American Journalism; national affairs correspondent, The NationJennifer Stromer-Galley – Professor of Information Studies, Syracuse University

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Within days of the International Criminal Court’s indictment of Vladimir Putin over alleged war crimes in Ukraine, the Kremlin orchestrated a photo op with the president of China. The message: that Russia does not stand alone. Producer Johanna Hoes has more.

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