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What happened to Colton Harris Moore ‘the barefoot bandit’? [Video]

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Colton Harris Moore, the infamous barefoot bandit, captivated the world’s attention with his daring crimes and uncanny ability to elude the authorities for years across several US states and the Bahamas. With a knack for evading authorities and a penchant for stealing planes, boats, and cars, he became a modern-day outlaw and folk hero.

Colton burglarised homes and taught himself how to steal identities. Photo: @Windancer2706 and @Windancer2706 (modified by author)Source: UGC

The barefoot bandit, Colton Harris Moore, was a teenage American boy with a terrible childhood that contributed to him becoming a fugitive of national interest. He became a cultural icon, with books and documentaries chronicling his escapades. His post-prison life has been mostly out of the public eye, leaving many to wonder if he has left his criminal past behind.

Colton Harris Moore’s profile summary and bio

Full name Colton Harris Moore
Nicknames Barefoot Bandit, Barefoot Burglar, HiddenDevs Leader
Gender Male
Date of birth 22 March 1991

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