Defend or defund? The future of the CBC title=
Defend or defund? The future of the CBC
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What to know about the potential indictment of Donald Trump [Video]

National Crime News

WASHINGTON (TND) — Former President Donald Trump’s claim he will be taken into custody on Tuesday and calls for protests have sparked an outcry from his supporters and heightened concerns about the backlash that would come from a decision to charge the former president with a crime.

Trump said on his social media network over the weekend that he would be arrested on Tuesday and called on his supporters to protest. He has denied any wrongdoing and described the case as a “political witch hunt.”

Any indictment of Trump would be a historic event, as no sitting or former president has ever been charged with a crime. Also complicating matters is Trump’s status as the favorite to win the Republican presidential nomination for the 2024 election.

What to know about the case:


The former president is under investigation for an alleged hush money payment made on his behalf during his 2016 campaign for president to porn star Stormy Daniels

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