White Pine Center of Healing Lights up Bicentennial Tower in Honor of National Eating Disorder Awareness Week – Erie News Now [Video]

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This week is eating disorder awareness week, as we continue to learn more about the disease, local health officials provide insight on how we can de-stigmatize the disease and what resources are available here in the community.

An eating disorder is an unhealthy relationship with food.

“Eating disorders are not a lifestyle choice,” said Mary Machuga, Executive Director White Pine Center of Healing. “They are not about clean eating or healthy eating. They are not a choice at all. They are as serious mental health issues “

According to the Executive Director Mary Machuga, eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of mental health disorders next to opioid abuse. Over 30 million Americans will experience an eating disorder at some point in their lives & estimates say that 6 million new cases will be diagnosed this year.

“The 40 to 60 percent of girls aged six to 12 are dieting or worried about how they look,” said Machuga. “And …

Charles Burton on Bill C-34: Committee Testimony title=
Charles Burton on Bill C-34: Committee Testimony